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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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Why a Wiki for ECD?

The early history of Evidence--Centered Design started with Bob Mislevy, Russell Almond and Linda Steinberg trying to come to a common perspective on three different but overlapping points of view about assessment design. That early history was marked by lots of fights (I'm still not sure how Bob ever cleaned the blood out of his carpet) about just what the various parts of the model meant as we tried to come to a common understanding. Over the years these notions have been refined by others adding their perspective. Furthermore, any time we found a good idea about assessment design, we stole it and tried to fit it into the ECD framework. This wiki is an attempt to continue that discussion.

Just as in the story of 'The Blind Ones and the Elephant'? we all have different perspectives on what Evidence--Centered Design is an only by putting them together will the shape of the beast truly emerge. Actually, a better analogy is probably the famous cover of the New Yorker showing a great deal of detail about the city, but getting fuzzier and fuzzier as one got further and further out into the country and world at large. We all view ECD through a similar sort of fisheye lens, and only by encorporating many points of view will a detailed picture of what ECD truly is emerge.

Why not host it at ETS or UMD?

Although ETS sponsored the initial research into ECD and is the home of most of its practitioners, putting up the ECD Wiki inside of the ETS firewall would prevent people who are not ETS employees from participating. Putting it up in a public site at ETS or University of Maryland where Bob is currently teaching is a viable long term solution, but involves a certain amount of red tape for this early stage of the ECD Wiki. A better solution (at least until the size or the bandwidth grows too large) is to host it at a private web site.

If the popularity grows, I will move it to a new location, but I will maintain a link back from here.

 -- Russell Almond



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