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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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This is a list of projects which are related in some way or another to Evidence Centered Design.

Assessments Designed with Evidence Centered Design

HyDRIVEETS/Air ForceMaintenance simulator/tutor for F-15 hydraulics system 
DISC?ETS/Chauncy Group/DiscSimulator for dental hygienists 
BiomassETSPrototype biology assessment emphasizing science practices 
NetPASS?Cisco Learning InstituteSimulator for network design and troubleshooting 
ACEDETS/NSFAssessment "for" learning system focusing on algebraic sequences
iSkills?ETSAssessment of information communication and technology skills
Praxis?ETSFamily of teaching readiness tests
Physics Playground?FSU/Gates FoundationGame-based assessment of intuitive physics 
PARCC?PARCC ConsortiumState accountability assessments following the common core standards
Packet Tracer?CiscoA simulation tool for learning and assessment of computer networking skills
SimCityEDU?GlassLabA game aimed at teaching and assessment of systems thinking
Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy?GlassLabA game aimed at teaching and assessment of argumentation
Alice in Arealand?PearsonA game aimed at teaching and assessment of geometric measurement
Plants vs. Zombies 2?FSU/GlasslabA game based assessment of problem solving 
Save Patch?CRESST LabsA game for learning fractions
SimScientists?WestEdClassroom simulations for various science topics emphasizing Science Practices

Tools designed to work with ECD models

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