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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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Most of the rules boil down to "be polite" and "respect other posters." A couple of hard and fast rules.

No sexually explicit language or images and no profanity.
I don't want to waste my bandwidth with this kind of material.
No advertising.
While it is appropriate to link to the web sites of companies offering products and services related to educational assessment, advertising is not appropriate. I certainly am not interested in promoting shady internet pharmacies.
No Gender, Racial, Religious, or Ethnic slurs, no hate speech.
While some pages may cover issues touching on how various subpopulations are impacted by educational assessments, use appropriate and respectful language when covering these topics. Anyone who has passing familiarity with the ETS Guidelines for Quailty and Fairness should have no problem with this.
No Flaming.
While debate and disent are encourage, keep them polite. Be critical of ideas and not people. Remember that reasonable people can disagree with you. Avoid pejorative words. Instead of saying "Evidence--Centered Design is content free", say "Evidence--Centered Design does not adequately explain ...". The latter leads to constructive debate, the former leads to flame wars.

Feel free to immediately edit any text which is a violation of these rules. Frequent violations will result in the addition of a more stringent password protection system.


  1. Put a short summary of the topic at the top of the page, and a longer more detailed description in the later paragraphs. Many people reading a page may only be looking for a quick overview, make that easy to find.
  2. Add a Comments and Questions section at the bottom. These will help people feeling shy about editing the page feel free to join the discussion.
  3. Feel free to correct my spelling and grammar. (My next project will be a dictionary which corresponds to my own eccentric notions of English orthagraphy.)
  4. I'm not currently supporting uploads and attachments, but you can link to them on other sites.

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Russell Almond



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