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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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This example is an excerpt from David Williamson's PhD dissertation Invalid BibTex Entry! and is also described in Invalid BibTex Entry!. These papers explored various model criticism indexes for Bayesian networks. The idea was to generate data from one network and then see how far off the evaluation from a different network was. This idea is explored in Chapter 10 of Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment.

The complete set of models can be found at: (tarball, zip).


In this example, there is a true data generation model, and several different misspecified model, one of which is given below:

Williamson's original example:

Original Network

(Netica network)

Data Generation Model:

Original Network

(Netica network)

Erroneous Model (Node Exclusion error):

Network with node incorrectly excluded

(Netica network)


Invalid BibTex Entry! Invalid BibTex Entry!

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