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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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These are some examples used in our book, Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment.

  • ACED Adaptive Content with Evidence-based Diagnosis. This one includes data from over 200 students.
  • Lang Language Testing. A simple example based on a language test.
  • EMSM Evidence Model/Student Model. A very simple assessment used to illustrate and test "docking" of student and evidence models.
  • Mixnum Mixed-number subtraction. Bob Mislevy's conversion of Kumi Tatsuoka's classic mixed number subtraction assessment.
  • LCMCMC Latent Class Markov Chain Monte Carlo. A simple latent class model used to illustrate MCMC.
  • Samples Sample Bayes nets used in the book and tutorial.
  • IRT 5 Item IRT. A simple IRT model rendered as a Bayesian network.
  • miniACED A stripped down version of the ACED model for use in the tutorial.
  • LearningNets An example for EM learning of network.
  • Williamson Example A model checking example from David Williamson's dissertation.
  • Value of Testing A simple example showing the use of Influence Diagrams?.
  • BookExamples Bayes nets used in the book as examples.

Feel free to add others.

Descriptions of the file formats used in the examples can be found in Tools

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