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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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The following people contributed to ACED. (Listed alphabetically, except for Val).

  • Val Shute -- Visionary and project director.
  • Russell Almond -- Bayes net engine (StatShop?), Weight of Evidence algorithm, ECD Guru, Data analysis.
  • Larry Casey -- Database design
  • Aurora Graf -- Math expert: Proficiency Modeling, Task and Feedback Design
  • Eric Hansen -- Universal design and accessibility concerns
  • Steve Landau, -- Delivery systems (both visual and tactile)
  • Peggy Redman -- ECD Librarian and other support services
  • Jody Underwood -- Task and Feedback design
  • Waverly Van Winkle -- Testing and other important tasks
  • Juan-Diego Zapata-Rivera --

(Val, please edit this page! I've almost certainly missed something or somebody important.


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ACED development and data collection was sponsored by National Science Foundation Grant No. 0313202.

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