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Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment

Cognition and Assessment


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Evidence--Centered Assessment Design Wiki

This is Wiki is meant as an open discussion forum for practitioners and students of Evidence--Centered Assessment Design (ECD). All are welcome to browse the forum, follow this link if you want to join the discussion

A few starting points:

  • Evidence--Centered Assessment Design (ECD)
  • Why an ECD Wiki?
  • A brief history of ECD
  • ECD projects
  • An ECD glossary (Fair warning, we plan to use this in our upcoming book, Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment)
  • 5 Exercises A number of exercises from a lecture I gave at Florida State University
  • An incomplete survey of Software for working with Bayesian networks.
  • ACED Adaptive Content using Evidence-based Diagnosis, an e-Learning system that used ECD and Bayesian networks. Descriptions of the model and the data from a field trial are available here.
  • BN Extras and errata from our new book Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment.
  • Examples Examples of Bayesian networks, many at least partially built using ECD.

About the Software

The Evidence--Centered Design Wiki is based on PmWiki:

This Wiki has the following additional packages installed:

"These two features have been broken by a recent upgrade of PHP. I've gotten the main site working, but it may take me some time to get equations and references fixed. Sorry, --Russell"

More information about PmWiki can be found at

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